Part of the Team - Even Though We Don't Share an Office

So you have an application or website, and everything has been great, but now some time has passed and things need to be changed or enhanced. Who can you turn to in order to make sure you get what you need, when you need it – and feel confident knowing that they understand what you’re asking for?

That’s where we come in!

While most businesses need technology, not all need a full-time development team in house or the overhead and additional service offerings that often come with larger agencies and development firms. That’s the spot we most often fill for our clients. Our team is compromised of talented developers, DBAs, and Technical Project Managers, all right here in the USA – ready to bring our extensive knowledge and experience to your project. We’ve done the vetting of our technical talent so you don’t have to!

There are many ways we work with our clients and we are happy to be flexible and work with you to determine exactly what your needs are and how we might be a good fit to help accomplish your goals. Some of the service offerings we provide are:


How Can we Work Together?

Database Design & Optimizations

The amount of data being stored and utilized is always increasing, but if it's not organized and queried against properly it can be the cause of major headaches. If you need help with database design or optimizations (even if you're not quite sure what that means) - our team can help you make sense of things and get your data back under control.
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Maintenance & Support

Once the meetings and excitement of the new website or application launch have faded, who is going to handle the ongoing support, enhancements, and maintenance?
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Integrations and APIs

From building custom APIs to extending applications to interface with outside systems, we can help get your data where it needs to go!
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Project Recovery

Sometimes things just don't work out. If you have a development project that needs to get past that final milestone, or an additional set of eyes to review, we'd like to help. Our team has a long track record of providing these services to clients, so we understand and can help get you across that finish line.
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Tools & Tech We Work With

There’s no shortage of tools, technologies, and buzz-words related to application and web development. Some of the most common ones we work with are:

  • .NET Core, ASP.NET ( & C#), PHP, Python
  • Javascript, jQuery, Javascript Frameworks (React, Vue, Ionic, Angular)
  • Responsive HTML Frameworks (Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation)
  • Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB
  • Content Management Systems (WordPress, Drupal, DjangoCMS, Joomla, Orchard)
  • Hosting Platforms & Technology (From IIS/Apache to AWS/Azure)

What our Clients are Saying

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