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An API, or Application Programming Interface, is a method by which applications can communicate with other systems and is just a technical term for “connector”.

With the connected nature of the internet, APIs are a way of allowing applications to connect and interact with one another in a controlled manner.

Examples of uses for APIs include connecting your website to a Marketing Automation platform or CRM so that when someone fills in a form on your site they automatically receive a welcome email or are created as a Contact.

Often times applications will have connectors of some sort pre-built so that users can easily install and connect to their system in order to leverage the provided functionality.  Other times there may be a scenario where the system in question provides an API but there is no “plugin” which can just be installed and start working – instead it’s more like a translation manual that tells you how to connect to it but you still need to build the connection yourself. On the other side of the coin, sometimes you may have an application that you want to allow another system to connect to – in a secure and controlled manner.

These last 2 scenarios are where we come in.  Whether you need to integrate with an outside system’s API (that may or may not have any real documentation – we’ve worked with it all), or extend your own in order to provide a secure, controlled method to allow outside systems to access specific data – our team can help get you connected!

API Tools and Tech We Work With

Some of the tools, technologies, and concepts that we work with are:

API Technologies

  • REST
  • GraphQL
  • SOAP

API Tools and Frameworks

  • Microsoft WebAPI
  • Django Rest Framework
  • OpenAPI
  • Swagger / SwaggerUI

Providing custom integrations and working with our clients to develop custom API integrations is a core aspect of our business and one of the most common services we provide.  Being able to aggregate data from multiple sources, interact with external systems without additional manual effort, and offer additional functionality or business opportunities make the growth of APIs and related technologies a big part of any business plan.

As with any technology that essentially opens up a point of entry – API development and system integrations need to maintain a focus on security, stability, and performance.  Our broad experience working with multiple software platforms and technologies allows us to work with our clients to evaluate their project’s needs, often times working with both sides of an integration, in order to identify the requirements and implement a solution which is functional, secure, performant, and extensible.


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Put our Custom Application Programming Interface (API) Development Experience to Work for Your Project

If you need to connect your application to a CRM, integrate with a 3rd party data provider, provide access to your data, allow a 3rd party to submit data to your application, or anything else related to the connection between two systems – give us a shout and let’s see what we can do for you!